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Why iBuy?

No hassle. No low-ball offers.

Just a cash offer from the most respected industry professionals for your luxury car wired to you in 24 hours.

That’s iBuyLC.com

How you benefit

More money than you’d get for a trade-in

We’ll pay more than the dealership for your vehicle. We combine decades of experience from an entire team of appraisers, with the most current the market conditions and the state of your car, so you know you’re getting the fair market value for your car. We’re the only car buying site entirely focused on you, the seller.

Faster and simpler than private party sales

On average, private party sales take 2-3 months of showings, negotiations and stress. We don’t need to test drive your car. We don’t need you to pay off your lien before we buy your car. We don’t need to take your car to get it inspected before we make you an offer. We’ll bring an offer to you, fast. If you accept, we’ll wire the cash in full within 24 hours. That’s why we’re the best online car buying site.

How it works


Submit your car’s information.

All we need are some photos and its VIN. And, of course, your email so we can get in touch.


Evaluate our offer.

Our team will get back to you quickly with a competitive cash offer. Sometimes in as little as 20 minutes!


Cash out and move on.

If you accept our offer, we’ll wire the cash within 24 hours. Then you can use the cash for whatever you’d like—a new ride, a college fund or maybe even a summer home.

How it started

Meet our Founder, President and CEO, Danny Baker

Danny Baker from Exotic Motors Midwest IBLC Team

Danny Baker is a car enthusiast and industry expert. When it comes to cars, he knows what he’s talking about. Not from reading articles online, but from real-life experience behind the wheel of some of the most expensive and highest performing rides in the world—you name a car, he’s driven it.

Car enthusiasts nationwide look to Danny Baker for his advice on the automobile market and brands to watch since he has real-life experience from working with brands such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus, Rolls-Royce and more. 

He has the industry experience to know how much your car is worth. And the business acumen to make the process simpler than other car buying sites.