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How to sell my Rolls-Royce today for its KBB value

How to sell my Rolls-Royce today for its KBB value

Rolls-Royce has been the definition of luxury for more than a century. The double R lets anyone who sees it know they’re experiencing an automobile at the top of its class. But eventually, the day will come when you’ll want to move on.

You have several options when that day arrives. You could sell your car in a private party sale. You could trade your Ghost, Phantom, or Wraith to the dealership. Or you could sell your Rolls-Royce today for its Kelley Blue Book ICO value.

So what’s the best choice?

Sell my Rolls-Royce privately

It’s possible to turn a nice profit selling to a private party. But first you’ll have to price your car accurately, which probably means paying for a professional valuation. After all, if you price it too high above the MSRP or KBB value, buyers won’t be interested. If you go too low, you’ll lose money.

After that, you still need to find someone who isn’t just interested in test-driving your Rolls-Royce, but actually has the means to purchase it in full and with cash. Finding someone who meets all those criteria can be difficult—and you’ll have to do all of this yourself

You can see why many Rolls-Royce private sales drag on for two or three months. And during that time, you’ll still have to make car payments, all while your car continues to depreciate. Even if you make a profit, you could needlessly lose thousands of dollars.

Sell my Rolls-Royce to a dealership

Maybe you’re considering trading your old car in. Especially if you’re buying a new model, this can be tempting. But it’s also an easy way to lose money. Dealerships usually make incredibly low offers, and this is especially true if you try to trade into a non-Rolls-Royce dealership.

Why is this? Dealerships don’t want off-brand makes on their lot, and some can’t accept them at all due to franchising agreements. Making you a low-ball offer is a win-win scenario: either you a) walk away, or b) agree, and they turn a great profit. But in both scenarios, they’re the ones winning, not you.

An easier way: Sell your Rolls-Royce today in just 20 minutes

At I Buy Luxury Cars, we believe high-end cars are special, and owners like yourself deserve a process that’s easy, allowing you to quickly move on to your next adventure. That’s why, with our signature three-step process, you can get a cash offer on your Rolls-Royce in only 20 minutes. And we never offer less than the KBB value.

Here’s how.

First, fill out our secure online form, letting us know your VIN and any notes you think necessary. After you hit submit, you’ll hear back from us with an offer within 20 minutes.

Our team takes into account your model, year, mileage, and condition to develop a real-time market estimate of your car’s value. We guarantee you KBB ICO value, and often we pay thousands more.

Once you accept, we’ll wire the cash to you within 24 hours. Then leave everything up to us—we’ll even pick your car up wherever you are. All you’ll need to do is hand over your title.

We’ll pay more than the dealership for your Rolls Royce. Are you interested?